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1. California Private Money Loan - Residential Apartment Commercial
California Private Money Loans has extensive experience in placing private money financing on California apartment, commercial and residential real estate. We represent a multitude of private investors who fund commercial and residential hard money l

2. Castle Rock Funding - Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Finance Company
Castle Rock Funding is your solution for residential home loan purchase, refinance, home equity, debt consolidation and bad credit needs

3. Get Low Rate Mortgage
When it comes to financing, it can be difficult to find the company offering the best mortgage payment plans. We have compiled a page that outlines the various resources available on the web to find certain loan institutions that will actually compet

4. No Proof Of Income Loan
If you are self employed or have no proof of income then we can help you find a loan today. Fast Approval.

5. Self Employed Remortgage
Remortgage for self employed or no income proof applications.

6. CCJ Remortgage Problem
Have a CCJ? We can get you a remortgage to raise finance for any purpose.

7. Mortgage Savings
Mortgage Savings is a site full of advice, tips and articles dedicated to educating people about mortgages and how they can save thousands of dollars.

8. Your Home Equity 101
A home equity loan means borrowing money from a bank against the equity that you currently have in your home. The equity is the value of your home minus the amount of the mortgage that you have. This is also known as refinancing your home. About hom

9. Real Estate Investing & Hard Money Lending Blog
Empowering real estate investors and hard money lenders to profit safely in today’s volatile market. Real estate investing and hard money lending blog, articles and resources.

10. Founders Financial Solutions, Llc
Expect the highest price for your mortgage notes, business notes, promissory notes, real estate notes and other cash flow notes. We also buy structured settlements, annuities and lottery winnings.

11. 24 Funding - Real People, Real Solutions
We provide loans for home purchasing, home equity, mortgage refinancing and bad credit home loans. . . . are you currently struggling to pay your mortgage because your loan has adjusted ?

We help you find the lowest refinance rates in minutes - by comparing hundreds of lenders. Also find refinancing articles, tips and information.

13. Mortgage Loans 101
Everything you need to know about mortgage loans. Priceless information for anyone looking to find the best home loans for their situation.

14. Mortgage Modifications By
Modifymypayments. Com offers mortgage help and loan modification assistance to homeowners. Often we are able to work with lenders to modify our clients current mortgage into a better and more affordable loan.

15. Home Equity Mortgage Release Scheme
Home equity mortgage release scheme are available to you if you are aged over 55 years, release the mortgage equity in your home to spend how you wish. No repayments until the plan ends, the loan & interest build & is repaid when the property is sold

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