Closing Cost Calculator  
  Free Closing Cost Calculator

 Closing Cost Calculator

Origination Fee (Points)

Loan Amount $  
Origination points    

Loan Discount Fee (Points)

Loan Amount $  
Discount Points   

Lender's Fees

Application  $  
Credit Check  $  
Document Preparation  $  

Professional Services

  Appraisal  $   
Inspection  $  
Survey   $  
Attorney  $  


Flood Insurance  $  
Title Insurance  $  

Government Fees

Recording  $  


Other Fees  $  
Origination Fee $  
Loan Discount Fee $  
Total Transaction Fees $  
Total Closing Costs $  
Closing Cost Calculator  
  Free Closing Cost Calculator


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This closing cost calculator can help you estimate the closing costs on your home mortgage refinancing. 

The closing costs on mortgage refinancing transaction can be divided into following categories,

1. Loan origination fee (points) or discount points

2. Professional service fees (appraisal, survey, attorney)

3. Lender's fees (credit check, application, document preparation)

4. Government fees (recording)

5. Insurance (title and flood)


Mortgage companies or mortgage brokers charge loan origination fee for the origination of mortgage loans. The origination fee is charged in the form of points, each point is one percent of the loan amount. For a $100,000 mortgage loan, each point will be one percent of $100,000, or $1,000. The origination fee will be added to the closing costs at the settlement or closing. 

Lenders like banks often charge loan discount points for lower interest rates on the loan. Each discount point is also equivalent to one percent of the loan amount to be borrowed. The discount points will also be added to the closing costs at the closing. You can always choose zero-point or no-point loan if you don't want to pay discount fee.


To calculate the amount of origination fee and/or discount points, enter the loan amount and the number of origination points and/or the number of discount points, click calculate, the calculator will display the amount.


Lender's fees include the fees paid to the lender for credit check, loan application, preparation, processing, and approval.


Professional service fees are the fees paid to various professionals for their services like appraisal, survey, inspection, and legal services.


Government fees are the fees paid to government agencies on services like recording.


Insurance premiums are paid for insurance coverage like title and flood.


Total transaction fees are the sum of the fees paid at the closing to meet all the necessary settlement requirements for the real estate transaction. Total transaction fees include all the fees like lender's fees, professional service fees, government fees, and insurance premiums. Total transaction fees do not include loan origination fee and discount points. 






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